Looking Back To The Great Greek Persian Wars

History will keep on repeating itself. That is why, to avoid it from happening, you need to reflect and know various historical events in the past. This education would really serve as the pillar of your future. Always remember that. No matter who you are, knowing your roots and origin will help you understand more about your surroundings and your people.

Knowing and understanding various things that happened in the past would surely guide every political leader towards a brighter future. There are various events and legendary occurrences from the ancient period that you need to be mindful off. One of that is the Greek Persian Wars. This is considered as few of the most legendary warfare in the history of humans.

It started during the period of King Darius. He is the ruler of Persia at that time. He was known for his credible military strategies and well experienced arm forces. During his time, he managed to capture various lands and foreign nature. He had won countless wars and fought several renown people.

However, for an unclear reason, he decided to capture the Greece and Athens. A lot of historians and researchers claimed that this decision was made in urged of his political will. He wants to capture more lands to spread his wealth and influence among other neighboring nations.

They have every force and weapons essential for the battle. Making their force one step further from Persia. The battle is held under four places. At least, these four are considered as few of the most memorable and legendary battle every fought during the war. These places include the Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, and Platea.

Due to the change of faith, Greece, Athens and Sparta formed an alliance. Sparta is a nation full of good soldiers and well armed military officers. They have every supplies and equipment needed for the battle. With their help, Greece had obtained a competitive edge over Persia. That makes the Persian soldiers perish.

The war concluded on four different places and period. It was first fought at the Marathon, followed in Thermopylae, Salamis, and Platea. It was a bloody war. No one can count how many soldiers and people have died just because of the greed of wealth and power. For how many years since the war started, the Greek people come out victorious.

It takes several years before the war ended. The territorial attack even took place in four different cities. They are in Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis and Platea. The war ended up well for Greece people. They are the winner of the war. Even today, this event still carved a great impression to the people around the globe.

There are other people like you who loves to support and join this type of organization. That is why there is no need for you to worry. Make sure to voice your concerns and understanding. Assure that you have someone who would come to join you in learning more about historical events during the ancient period.

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