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Businesses are continually embracing newer technologies in an attempt to get an advantage over their competitors. The internet is one of the areas attracting a lot of attention. Although it is not really new to the business world, it has undergone many developments that have revolutionised the way businesses and clients interact with each other. Below are some of the best email marketing practices that will help a business get and retain customers.

Individuals intending to use email messages to communicate business messages need to create a list of contacts. This will help them get permission from their potential customers. The resultant mails are known as opt-in or permission-based mails. The other type where messages are just sent out randomly is referred to as spam. This type often destroys the reputation of the firm.

Double opt-in emails are an effective way of getting large numbers of prospective clients. When the customer signs up through a website, blog, social media page or anywhere else on the internet, they get a conformational mail that requires them to take some action. They are usually required to click on a certain link that is an automatic subscription to the list

With a list in place, one can start sending out their messages. It is important to ensure that message is clear and to the point. Very long emails that do not focus on the main issue are likely to lose the reader and may even annoy some clients. Ideally, the subject line should have about 50 characters including spaces. From dozens of unread messages in the inbox, one has to be sure that this particular subject will stand out.

Timing of the email is also an important consideration. The day and time of the week at which the recipient gets the mail will determine whether or not they will read it. Monday is generally a busy day week when most people are planning their schedule for the week. Another day when mails are unlikely to be read is Friday especially in the afternoon as most are postponed to the next week. The rest of the week is generally okay.

The frequency at which the periodic message is sent out should preferably be determined beforehand. This can be done through the sign up process or by conducting a small survey that will establish the needs of the various customer groups. Without this information one may send either too few or too many within a given period of time. In the former case, there is a chance of losing customers while in the latter case it is likely that some customers may get annoyed.

It is important to segment lists so that each group of customers is served optimally. Specific campaigns can be designed to target specific groups of customers as per the segments. To successfully achieve this segmentation, one can send out brief surveys that enquire from the customers about the changes they would like to see as regards their communication with the business.

One does not need to be a professional writer to be the best email marketing expert. What is required is for one to show their human aspect and connect to the client as much as possible. One should try and give personal experiences regarding the use of the service or product. This is because customers are also humans and would like to look at a product or service from a human perspective.

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