The Key Benefits of Windows Reseller Web Hosting Over Linux Reseller Web Hosting.

Though the web hosting features are similar offered by the various web hosting companies, there is lots of difference in the kind of platform you are running the web hosting services. Of course cPanel is the one you would directly experience using it. But there is one more important thing that defines how internally your web hosting features and services work, and that is the operating system upon which the hosting services are performed.

Let us explore what are these pearls and gems making the crown of Windows Reseller Web Hosting.The web developer developing and designing your website feels so relaxed as he or she can use any of the old and new web technologies to even enrich your website.

DATABASE SUPPORT WITH RDBMS : Choosing windows reseller web hosting services is any day better choice as it gives complete compatibility with the Relational Database Management System. This greatest reliable database management system gives the full length flexibility to the users to manage the database of their websites with lots of ease, fulfilling almost all the database needs of the website. Microsoft provides SQL Server which is the best and mostly used powerful software for the database management. With the SQL server, the web developer can materialize and make the complex business applications to be possible.

COMPATIBLE WITH COMPETITOR TOO : Windows reseller services are not just compatible with the Microsoft products but also with the competitor products. For example the best competitor Unix reseller web hosting is not compatible to be run with Windows web hosting but surprising the vice versa is possible. So, UNIX based web hosting can be hosted by the windows based server where in the opposite is not possible.

USING COMPETITOR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS? NOT A PROBLEM AGAIN ! : Unlike many of the products, which are intended to design to be compatible only with the similar or the same company products, Microsoft Windows products are designed in a way that they are compatible to run with any other products including the competitors’ products. So, for the users who intend to update or upgrade their websites with the newly developed technologies, the platform or the operating system for the Reseller Web Hosting would never be a problem in nature. So, UNIX based technologies can be accessed and run by Windows, where as opposite is not possible.

COMPETITOR PRODUCTS COMPATIBILITY : Not just the Microsoft products, all its competitors’ products can be compatible with the Windows reseller web hosting services. So, when you feel any product useful to be used for your website, you can immediately take the decision to take in, of course the web hosting company has to support for the same.

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