Top Results: Tips For Taking Your Funny Content Website To Bigger Success

Online marketing is a must for any successful viral site. Your target audience will never know about your website without online marketing. Search engine optimization is needed so that people can find your site through search engines. Both of these are vital to your site and business and their continued success.

There is often more trouble than it is worth to use a super cheap or free hosting service for your viral site. Shoddy service and downtime will not be worth the money that you saved. You should do thorough research to ensure that hosting services are reputable and credible businesses.

When you are creating a viral site, you have to understand that your visitors don’t want to be annoyed by music and such. You can add Flash and animated graphics to your website to add a little fun, but if you overdo it, your visitors will just get annoyed. Most of the time, visitors would simply click “Skip Intro” to avoid the opening Flash intro, so it can be almost pointless.

Limit the use of heavy graphics on the webpage so that the users may move from page to page without having to wait for pages to load. Long load times deter the user from continuing to use you viral site. Ensure that the images that are used are compatible across browsers and platforms.

Description tags are still relied on heavily by search engines for ranking. Meta tags are not. Keep the tags brief to describe your pages so that when they are seen in results they are concise and clear.

By designing your site to follow the ‘two-click’ rule, you’ll prevent users from getting bored or distracted. Essentially this means to make sure that the information they are seeking is easy to find by making it no more than two clicks from the homepage to the content. The users will be pleased to find that your site is easy to navigate and won’t have to go digging for what they came searching for.

Go for formal training. If you are not really sure of doing it all on your own knowledge, enroll for formal training in managing a business. This can be done online or offline, depending on what works best for you.

A show is not what users want from a viral site. They want information. Confusion and surprise is not what they want, use the same order for the menu and other items. Similar background colors and keeping the sidebars in the same location will lessen confusion. Funny Content Website themes should be consistent all over.

Remove any dead links that go to pages off of your site. A periodic review of all links on your pages will ensure you are not sending visitors to a dead end. If that happens too often, it will damage the reputation of your site.

Whenever you are dying to know more about the topic of funny content site, go ahead and visit Yahoo and search for funny videos. You’ll be glad you did!

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