Windows VPS Web Hosting.

Choosing the hosting plan is successful with VPS which is very flexible with independent resources and now what? There is an immediate step to do is the decision of operating system to operate the hosting software. Both the popular operating systems are like Windows and Linux are compatible with the VPS hosting, and both of them are preferred by the website owners. Since windows is familiar to all of us, let’s go through Windows operating system used for hosting.

The best thing about windows than any other operating system is its user friendly Graphical User Interface. Windows VPS web hosting is more user friendly compared to any other operating system used. It is easier through the better interfaces than the other operating systems.

Many software designed in the information technology is compatible with the windows operating system rather than the other operating systems like Linux. Software applications like ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MS-SQL, MS-Access, VB development and C# are designed to be primarily used by the Windows operating system. So great resource compatibility is won with VPS web hosting for Windows rather than the Linux operating system.

Generally Plesk is the control panel designed and provided with the windows based VPS web hosting to interact with the server. Since the files are not case sensitive in windows based web hosting unlike Linux, windows is granted as an easy to use operating system for hosting.

Custom designed Microsoft applications, software and script for hosting services are more compatible with windows based VPS hosting rather than the Linux based hosting. Not only these software, most of the software designed in the information technology can be compatible with Windows and so can be used with the hosting services.

There would be no open source applications run on this windows platform. It needs more resources like RAM, making it “all or nothing” to use.

Last but not least important factor is open source application usage for Windows VPS web hosting. We know that open source software applications are better compatible with Linux and Unix operating system than the Window. So these open source applications for Windows are “all or nothing”. So, if your business tasks can be performed with the open source software applications, that is good and you need to opt for Linux based hosting than the Windows. These open source applications are advantageous and disadvantageous to use. Advantage is it needs no investment for licensing the software to use. And disadvantage is that this open source software is sometimes more prone to malware which could be dangerous to the business data on the web.

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