Google And Israel Museum Provide Digital Dead Sea Scroll Access

The Dead Sea Scrolls are often considered one of probably the most significant series of old texts discovered to date. The Israel Museum was lambasted in the past for not delivering more extensive admittance to the fragile and broken files. Now the Israel Museum has combined with Google to offer digital access to the documents.

Getting the Dead Sea Scrolls online

In the last few years, the Dead Sea Scrolls digitization project has been going on. A new camera had to be developed to photograph the files clearly at 1,200 megapixels in the specialized environment that helps keep the files from deteriorating more easily. The scrolls and fragments will be put into an online, searchable database after being photographed and compiled. The idea is to supply access to the scrolls to as large an audience as possible. It will not be long before the scrolls could be accessed. In a few more years, or in 2016, they will be accessible.

Google will be helping too

Google has had very heavy involvement with the Dead Sea Scrolls digitization job. All scroll photos are located in a database on Google Storage. The Google Apps engine is what runs the site. The pages are all searchable, transcribed and indexed for search outcomes. That is one thing the Google team has been working on. This is just like Google’s Art Project, Prado Museum and holocaust photo collection.

Direct comments

Direct commentary is allowed on the digitized version of the Dead Sea Scrolls which is very strange. The Dead Sea Scroll sections can have comments posted to them by viewers. Over time, researchers are going to be keeping an eye on what amateur researchers discover in the scrolls as potential further areas for research. In order to determine a ton of scroll document fragments and pieces, this could be very helpful. Not all pieces and fragments are owned by the Israel Museum. That is why Google has offered to digitize any documents that it doesn’t currently have for any person who wants to make them available.

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