About Infinity Speakers

If you would like to get a line on speakers before you buy one, then this short review about Infinity Speaker Systems can be useful for you. After you read it, you will know which is the suitable brand for you.

Infinity is an American company that was established in 1968. It has originated the science of sound. It manufactures premium quality loudspeakers for home audio, car audio and marine audio systems.

Since 1983 Infinity has been a part of the Harman International Industries group which also includes the following famous brands: Harman Kardon, JBL, AKG and Mark Levinson.

The Infinity Speaker Systems are the standards in the sound industry – other audio systems are measured to them.

All of the Infinity Speakers have attractive, elegant design. But this is not enough when we talk about speakers. They should provide clean and sharp sound – this is what you also get beside the amazing packaging.

You can choose from 6 kinds of Infinity Speakers for home: Subwoofers, Center, Floor standing, In wall/ In ceiling, Bookshelf and Outdoor speakers.

The Primus 363 and the Primus 253 are the 2 types of Floor speakers. They have magnetic shield and black wood-grain finish. A special material makes them unique: the Metal Matrix Diaphragm (MMD) that is stiffer than normal metals – this is why sound goes faster through it.

The Primus 363 is a three-way speaker, the Primus 253 is a two-way speaker. Both of them provide accurate audio reproduction – music will be distortion-free and at the same time well-detailed. The Primus 363 has a 19-mm high-fequency driver, a 100-mm midrange driver and dual 165-mm low-frequency drivers. The Primus 253 has a 19-mm high-frequency driver and dual 133-mm low-frequency drivers.

The Primus 143, 153 and 163 are all two-way Bookshelf/ Wall-mount speakers – they differ only in their dimensions. They all have a 3/4″ (19 mm) high-frequency driver, but their low-frequency drivers are different: 4″ (100 mm) in the Primus 143, 5-1/4″ (133 mm) in the Primus 153, 6-1/2″ (165 mm) in the Primus 163.

The Primus PC251 and the Primus PC351 are the obtainable Center speakers – the first one is a two-way, the second one is a three-way center-channel loudspeaker. The Primus PC251 has dual 5-1/4″ (133 mm) low-frequency drivers and a 3/4″ (19 mm) high-frequency driver. The Primus PC351 also has a 3/4″ (19 mm) high-frequency driver and dual 5-1/4″ (133 mm) low-frequency drivers, plus dual 3″ (75 mm) midrange drivers.

The Primus PS312, the Primus PS410 and the Primus PS38 are the optional Infinity Subwoofers. The Primus PS312 comes with a single 300-mm low-frequency driver, 25-150 Hz frequency range, 700 watts peak, 400 watts RMS. The Primus PS410 commands a single 254-mm low-frequency driver with 27-150 Hz frequency range, 500 watts peak, 300 watts RMS. The Primus PS38 has 200-mm low-frequency driver with 35-150 Hz frequency range, 300 watts peak, 150 watts RMS.

The Infinity Indoor/ Outdoor speaker is the Outrigger Junior that is a two-way, 60 watt waterproof speaker which features a 4″ bass driver, 1/2″ high-frequency driver, 80 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response.

There are 2 series of Infinity In-wall/ In-ceiling speakers: the CS and the ERS series. One of these Infinity Speakers will be perfect for your home theater and for your music system, too.

The Infinity Speakers are one of the most popular speakers on the market today – they are premium products at affordable prices. You will not be disappointed if you invest in one of them.

Looking to find the best deal on Infinity Speakers, then visit www.infinityspeakers.net to find the best advice on Infinity Audio for you.

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