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Residual Wealth Income Builder Software Program Submits 2000 Marketing Niche Articles Report. Hi welcome to the review of a Article Submission Software Bundle that seems too good to be true at first. Let me back up and say I recommend article marketing as an effective tool to market your web site or any home business. I use article marketing effectively with GDI and many other businesses.

Mostof them are completely free and it is a highly effective marketing tool if you do your homework when you write an article. Don’t just slap up a article in 5 minutes and expect good results. Your readers demand more. They demand articles with content worthy of the experience. If you have a dog walking business write about that particular subject. Don’t go off in a tangent and talk about dog collars,ect.

Another high recommendation is to pick your article catagories wisely when submitting them to the article directories. Don’t enter every catagory under the moon. If it’s dog walking you can select pets,dogs,pet services, but NOT cats,zoo,etc. Computers are real smart! You do want to have a good reputation. Some article directory sites will ban you if you continue with this unwise practice.

Articles should be between 300-800 words long. Do not write a whole book. Get a publisher for that. Just kidding. We all admire you for writing an effective artice but let’s not get carried away. The point of article marketing is to give them something of value and offer them your service, or direct them to your onlinewebsite. Don’t forget to include a backlink to your site.

Here is an example of a backlink. I have a fantasticArticle Marketing Softwareprogram that really delivers. When you click the link your at my affiliate site. This system is so powerful it is remarkable!

Here is what is does for you. Gives you 75 Marketing Articles You Can Use To Drive Traffic To Your Website plus 100 Fitness & Weight Loss Articles. Post Them In The Article Directories. Just Add Your Bio & Website Address! You get 65 Self Improvement Articles and 10 Hot Niche Article Packages. A total of 100 In All! They even throw 100 e-Commerce Article Package. You can Use For Your Blogs, Insert Affiliate Links and Make Cash With These Fast! This is Over 2000 Articles To Profit From With Just This One! This Marketing Software Submits Your Articles To The Top Article Directories too. You can use these articles as an example so you can write your own! This Article Marketing Softwareis priced very reasonably.

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