ConvertXtoDVD – Easy, Reliable and Fun

by Jeff Garret

Have you ever wanted to burn all those video files that you have on your PC and turn them into a watchable DVDs that is playable in any commercial DVD player? Well you’re in luck because there is a product that does just that…and more. It’s called ConvertXtoDVD, one of the most popular video to DVD conversion and authoring software available in the market.

It doesn’t matter whether your video file is in ogm, tivo, mkv, Xvid or Vida format because ConvertXtoDVD supports almost all known video formats and does not need external codecs to run certain videos. Now you know what the X in the ConvertXtoDVD means. With ConvertXtoDVD you can also easily create a basic menu to let you access and manage the contents of your DVD without a hitch.

You don’t need a DVD burner such as Nero if you have ConvertXtoDVD because it has its own burning engine. Apart from supporting all DVD formats, the program also features a burn speed control options of packet writing method or SAO. You can also view your DVD contents before burning it through the test playback option. Here you can “burn” the output first into a DVD folder and not in an actual disc. This feature is very useful if you want to make last minute changes to your DVD.

Just like a commercial DVD, the disc that you can produce by using ConvertXtoDVD will include a menu that will feature simple DVD functions such as audio and video functions, subtitles, and chapters. Creating the menu is easy thanks to the many different templates available in the ConvertXtoDVD software.

Concerned about conversion speed? ConvertXtoDVD can convert one whole movie in less than an hour thanks to its powerful and high quality encoder. It also features a conversion advisor wizard that ensures easy and hassle-free operation. ConvertXtoDVD also features multi-lingual support, multi-core processor support and optimization for both Windows XP and Vista.

Bottom line is, ConvertXtoDVD is a simple, easy-to-use DVD conversion tool that produces excellent outputs. It is not perfect of course but it has more than enough features for the average user.

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