ConvertXtoDVD – Facts About ConvertXtoDVD and other Converters

by Jeff Garret

If you haven’t used or at least seen a DVD then you must be living in a cave for many years. The shiny disc is currently the standard format in commercial audio and video and for good reasons: it can hold huge amounts of data, is relatively cheap and is convenient for sharing and distribution. But even if DVDs are popular, not everyone knows exactly what they are or how they are made. Moreover, not everyone knows what the term DVD means. This article is about DVDs and how they are made. So if you’re interested about DVDs then read on.

It is probably important to first tell you the meaning of DVD which is Digital Versatile Disc. Though it is similar in appearance and size to a regular compact disc, a DVD can hold much more data. While a regular CD can hold only around 650 to 700 megabytes a DVD can carry a relatively enormous 4.38 gigabytes. A DVD are capable of holding large amounts of data because of the way it is formatted and encoded. With DVDs data are encoded very close to each other with very little gaps allowing more data to be crammed in.

Do you know that you can create your own DVD at home that is comparable to commercial DVDs available in the market? Yes you can through a process called DVD authoring. This process involves the conversion of files to DVD format to eventually be transferred to a DVD. DVD authoring can be performed with a powerful video to DVD conversion program such as ConvertXtoDVD which is the most popular program of its kind available. There are many DVD authoring programs available in the market but some are professional-level programs that cost a lot of money. Frankly, you may not need the features included in these programs.

ConvertXtoDVD has the features of professional level DVD authoring program with a price of basic software. It is a stand alone program that has its own burning engine unlike other programs that are only plain converters and still needs a DVD burning program such as Nero. ConvertXtoDVD is also compatible with almost all kind of video files including AVI, MOV, MPEG, Xvid and VidX making it a universal DVD authoring software.

Notice those nifty menus in commercial DVDs where you can access all the features of the disc such as chapter, audio and video functions and subtitles? You can also create one yourself with the use of ConvertXtoDVD thanks to its easy menu creator.

DVD authoring may be confusing but a right tool like ConvertXtoDVD can take your hand and walk you through every step.

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