ConvertXtoDVD – Solve any DVD Authoring Problems

by Jeff Garret

For the benefit of people who do not know what it means, DVD authoring is the process of converting files in a computer into an interactive format to be eventually burned to a digital versatile disc or DVD that can be played using any regular DVD player. It is inaccurate to think of DVD authoring as simply capturing and burning files to disc. DVD authoring actually requires a special process and program that could properly convert files from video to DVD and burn it in a disc. One of the most popular video to DVD conversion program available nowadays is ConvertXtoDVD.

There are many available DVD authoring programs in the market. There’s surely one for every skill level, need and requirement. ConvertXtoDVD is an affordable DVD authoring program that caters to the general computer users. This is not to say that ConvertXtoDVD lack powerful features. One the contrary, ConvertXtoDVD is a stand alone video to DVD conversion program that has its own burning engine and works with almost all kind of video files including AVI, MOV, MPEG, Xvid and VidX.

ConvertXtoDVD features a menu creation option that allows users to easily create DVD menus that are comparable with the ones found on commercial DVDs. Menus are very useful in accessing the contents of a DVD such as audio and video functions, chapters and even subtitles. The menu creator is one of the favorites of individuals who have used ConvertXtoDVD.

Apart from menu creation, video to DVD conversion programs can also help you create other features of a DVD. One of these features is a subtitle. To give you a clearer idea of the process of DVD authoring let us compare DVD components to a container. Each container can hold a particular content. The menu is linked to all containers. Adding features then to a DVD using ConvertXtoDVD is very easy mainly because of this structure.

Even if you have not authored a DVD before you can easily do so with ConvertXtoDVD because of its easy-to-use interface. ConvertXtoDVD is also most likely the only program that you will ever need if you want to create DVDs. This is because ConvertXtoDVD is a complete standalone program with its own burning engine.

Intimidated by DVD authoring? Don’t be. Just choose a useful tool such as ConvertXtoDVD.

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