ConvertXtoDVD – The Most Affordable Video Converter

by Jeff Garret

Are you looking for a program that could convert your video files to DVD format? If so, there are many programs available that could do this. And the good news, many good video to DVD converters are cheap. You can easily have one for less than $40. Of course there are some that cost a small fortune but most of them have features that you probably won’t need. There is a complete DVD authoring program though that is affordable and reliable and it’s called ConvertXtoDVD.

If you want to get the best deal from a video to DVD converter then it is highly advisable that you perform a product comparison. List down the features that you would need from a video to DVD converter then look for programs that answers your needs and meets your budget. With the number of video to DVD conversion programs out there, doing this should not be difficult.

The best thing about ConvertXtoDVD is that it can convert almost all known video file format especially the popular ones such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, Xvid and VidX. This means that ConvertXtoDVD is all you will ever need to convert all the files in your computer into DVD.

A great advantage of ConvertXtoDVD over other similar programs is that it has its own burning engine, making it a stand alone DVD authoring program that requires no other external application. There are products in the market that cost more but do not come with its own burning engine. These programs require DVD burning programs such a Nero to do the actual burning of DVD for them.

Some people may ask, why convert video files to DVD in the first place? Well there are many benefits to converting video files to DVD. For one, you can view a DVD without using a computer. DVDs made from programs such as ConvertXtoDVD can be viewed using ordinary DVD players. Another advantage of video to DVD conversion is that you can easily share files if they are in DVD format. With the easy to use interface, you definitely won’t have a problem using ConvertXtoDVD.

ConvertXtoDVD is one of the most popular video to DVD conversion programs around. This just means that it is one of the more trusted names when it comes to video to DVD conversions.

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