Niko’s Revenge: GTA 4 Cheats

by fabian toulouse

The popular street version of Final Fantasy has been a fan favorite for years. While comparing the two games too closely is a fruitless endeavor, there are some similarity in the sheer amount of weapons, ammunition, life availability, shields, and storyline options. It’s often the variety that draws players back to Liberty City, back to the world of Grand Theft Auto. But with variety comes bewilderment. It can be downright irritating to keep getting tagged or cuffed on any particular mission for too long.

Using an assortment of GTA 4 cheats can save time and, in terms of game play, it can save lives. No need to lose your temper and start shooting, just type in your cheat and get on with it. For the employed player, these cheats can make enjoying both earning an income and playing GTA possible.

Don’t have Niko spend hour after hour in the casino trying to fatten his bank account. A few powerful cheats can show you the tricks of the trade and even open up secrets that only a handful of players know exist. There is a cheat for just about every facet of the game.

And we mean every facet. For instance, Niko’s first date can be pretty tedious. Though it’s a minor event in the game, it can be rather irritating – costing Niko a good portion of his hard won money. Here’s a hint: take her bowling. This will keep you (as Niko) from spending too much time and money on what amounts to a trifle.

When all is said and done, you will be able to arm Niko with a tremendous arsenal, thanks to the library of GTA 4 cheats at your disposal. For player who cringe at the thought of ruining the storyline by using a cheat – no worries. The good people at Rockstar Games think of everything. Though these cheats can save time, they aren’t designed to short-circuit the greatness of Grand Theft Auto. Happy trails, Niko.

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