The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming solutions on the market today. The days of old 2 dimensional video games are long past. The rise in popularity of this gaming console means that it is now a very competitive game to play. The competition may be with the gaming community or even at home with the family. Regardless of who you are competing with most gamers just want to win. It doesn’t matter that the amount of skills to win haven’t been accumulated yet.

by Mark Ress

This can be very disappointing to a lot of users and this can damage eBay’s reputation. The item listing is very clear but if you do not read the details then chances are you will become a victim of the Xbox 360 Scam. In addition, the titles are very misleading so you have to be very cautious. Below are tips to avoid becoming a victim of the Xbox 360 eBay Scam:

Read all details carefully in the item description Check the title of the auction Check the seller’s feedbacks and if it is a private one then for sure it is an Xbox 360 EBay Scam Check the number of Xbox 360 items for sale (a legit auctioneer usually sells one item of Xbox 360 unless registered as a business seller) Ask questions (legit sellers usually respond)

Scammers know that a lot of people want to own an Xbox 360. And since most of them will not have the opportunity to own one after a few months of its release, scammers will take advantage of fooling them. If you are a “hardcore” gamer, you should be wise enough when buying an Xbox 360 on eBay. You should look for obvious signs of scamming. Funny as it may seem but a lot of people fall into it, even bidding for a thousand dollars. One obvious sign of Xbox 360 scam is a title with too much to offer.

The thrill of getting to the next level in a game and finding out the new challenges of the game are what playing is all about. Some players hire people to play games for them to build up their score and progression just so that they can get to the next level. Others use them to fast forward the gaming process.

Legit eBay sellers do not transact like this. Another sign of Xbox 360 scam is if the seller has several units of the game console for auction will a lot of extras on each. A lot of interested buyers fall for this scamming tactic and bids even amount to $1,500.

Don’t Spend Tons of Time or Money To Do It! There are alternatives if you really, really want them? I don’t have all day to sit around and play, so I’m sure I’m an average gamer at best (but you’d never know it from my gamer score!). You have no idea how much fun it is to play when you can watch your gamer score skyrocket this quickly. Shell out hundreds of dollars for guides or services that get you nowhere! Or never move out of mommy’s basement and live your life on the forums getting more and more frustrated at their errors.

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