VSO ConvertXtoDVD Make Video to DVD Conversion Fast

by Jeff Garret

There are at least three ways to transfer videos to DVD depending on the format of the video and doing so is easy as long as you have a reliable tool on hand. One tool that you should have is a video file to DVD conversion and burning software. This is a program that converts video files to DVD files and burns them to a disc.

Don’t confuse these programs with DVD burning software that only burns DVDs and do not convert files. One popular DVD authoring software is ConvertXtoDVD. This is a very good program because it can convert almost all known video formats including AVI, MPEG, MOV, Xvid and VidX.

There are at least three popular ways to convert video files to DVD. Each one is discussed in detail below.

One way of converting video files to DVD involves videos in the analog VHS format. This way is the most complicated since it involves converting an analog file to a digital file. To do this you will need a special device and a software which can be had for $100 or less. After the file has been converted to digital format and has been saved in your computer, you can already use a program such as ConvertXtoDVD to convert it to DVD format and burn it into a disc.

The next way of video to DVD conversion involves files from a digital camcorder. This way is easier than the first one since it involves digital to digital conversion. All you need to do is upload the files from your digital camcorder to your computer. Then you can already use a program like ConvertXtoDVD to convert the files to DVD files and burn them into a disc.

Third way, converting video files from a PC to DVD. This one is the easiest and is made easier by the easy to navigate interface of ConvertXtoDVD. As mentioned, almost all file formats can be converted by ConvertXtoDVD which is a truly complete DVD authoring program.

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