The 17th Edition Course And The City And Guilds 2394 Inspection And Testing Qualification

The 17th edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671 (C&G 2382) are the British Standard to which all commercial, domestic and industrial electrical installation works must comply with.

BS 7671 “Requirements for electrical installations” is the national standard in the United Kingdom for low voltage electrical installation. It is also the national standard in many other countries that base their wiring regulations on BS 7671.

In order to be properly accredited as an electrician, it is suggested to undertake the City and Guilds 2382 training course which is the course designed for the 17th Edition of Wiring Regulations.

The 17th Edition course is primarily aimed at candidates who have relevant electrical experience such as candidates who are at the end of their working apprenticeships or those who have recently finished college and would like to start working as electricians.

The 17th edition course will depend on the IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671:2011 which is the British Standard. This course is established in similar order as is the book to be able to aid job seekers in memorising the contents of the book effortlessly and more efficiently.

The 17th edition course is designed to prepare the job seeker for the theoretical exam that applicants must carry out after the course.

The test is a 60 questions, open book, multi-choice exam for which the candidates have 2 hours to finish.

Although this course is considered to be one of the relatively easy ones on the route to becoming an electrician, the exam itself can be quite tricky, so some preparation with old exam papers is always a good idea and likely to assist the candidate in passing the examination.

In order to successfully pass the 17th edition course exam the candidate will need to have answered a minimum of 80% of the questions correctly.

If the job seeker has attained the 17th edition qualification, it can result in further qualifications just like the City and Guilds 2394 Inspection and Testing qualification. In order to become a highly skilled electrician, it is required to take on the City and Guilds 2382 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations qualifying measures.

The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations are not considered to be particularly easy to read and comprehend. Once you open the book you will see that the book is a British Standard (BS 7671) and it has not been written with simplicity in mind.

Therefore it is recommended that the best way of getting yourself ready for the 17th edition exam is to take on one of the many available 17th edition courses or do a little 17th edition learning alone.

The most effective method of training for the 17th edition exam is by training with past-exam papers. Although the questions about the real examination will not be the same, you will get a great idea of what you can get in the real thing.

Working out for the 17th edition exam is done by simulating real exam conditions which are 2 hours and consist of 60 questions. Re-creating these test problems may assist the candidate in adjusting to the conditions of the exam.

You must use this set time together with the BS 7671 book in order to achieve the valuable 17th edition training.

Once you have used adequately and familiarized yourself with the structure and layout of the 17th edition book, you will be able to answer the questions faster along with more efficiently in terms of the formal exam.

You’ll find so many websites located on the internet where you can actually find helpful material for your 17th edition training, like past exam papers and mock examinations.

Have fun with your 17th edition education and learning!

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