The Reasons Business Phone Systems Are Turning Online For VoIP

Choosing between business phone systems is an important decision. A phone can now do so much more than just making calls, making it even more valuable than it was in the past. Customers are kept connected with a phone line, and they also can be an effective marketing device. Those who have large offices or geographically broad locations will use a phone regularly throughout office hours to stay connected internally. Analog phones have been the sole way to do this until very recently.

In the last decade business phone systems have had an overhaul. The world wide web, originally developed in the middle of the last century, has recently turned into a helpful business instrument. Once people became used to the basic applications of the internet, new roles began to be developed. In modern times the concept of a phone system over the internet was created, and soon became known as Voice over IP’ (or VoIP). The popularity of VoIP was aided with the development of quicker internet speeds and free voice calling software.

In the last few years, the idea of VoIP in business has become fully realized and implemented by providers. Many businesses have taken advantage of this and now direct their communication outlets through the internet. Landlines are no longer suitable for business phone systems, missing features that are available with VoIP services, such as multi call conferencing and online faxing. Two or more calls can be live at the same time on VoIP systems, which allows for more flexibility in offices with busy phone traffic. Fiber optic phone lines only allow one signal at any one time, meaning that traditional landlines lack this helpful feature.

There are even more reasons to convert from an analog line to a VoIP system. Software can gauge inactivity of workstations and phone lines to give supervisors an additional tool to keep an eye on the location of their workforce. Settings can be adapted to the individual user’s line so that the system works exactly as each employee needs it to. This can be configured on one VoIP system and maintained from anywhere through a web interface.

Companies in the current economy need to be careful with how they invest their money. Changing landlines to internet business phone systems can save as much as 50% on the normal phone running costs. This lower overhead means that businesses can have the same quality call functionality without having to stretch their budget.

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