Newport Beach, CA – April 25, 2012 – Therapy Resolutions LLC, the musculoskeletal development company and anatomical therapy service provider, today announced the launch of Vault Fitness™ bootcamps at its US headquarters in Newport Beach, California.
“Beginning May 7th 2012, Southern Orange County will have access to the same obstacle course for fitness training that has been used by many professional and Olympic level athletes. From the NFL to NBA to PGA Tour and the fastest track stars, “The Vault” has tested the limits of the best-of-the-best. What’s more, the course has challenged and rehabilitated the overweight and chronic back pain patient – it truly is a fitness program for taking those that are serious to a new level of strength and conditioning”, said Faith Dumont, Boot Camp Operator.
Vault Fitness™ is an indoor elite boot camp-style exercise class that focuses on general health and fitness. The Newport Beach boot camp regimen redefines “core” strength training by bringing back the basics of functional movement, utilizing an outdoor environment that’s been brought indoors. The Vault appears as a scaled down equestrian-type obstacle course made primarily from numerous sized logs and some metal piping. The indoor course in Newport Beach is the first of its kind. The Marine Corp approach to training, taking participants from station to station, provides a fitness boot camp like no other. It is a foundation for not only training athletes, but also developing and maintaining correct postural function and alignment through Anatomical Core training principles; it’s truly an Anatomical Development Course.
“Even the seasoned tri-athlete has sworn that there is no better or more challenging training than the Vault course. We now look forward to providing such a training environment to the general public, said Dumont.
About Therapy Resolutions:
Therapy Resolutions is the musculoskeletal development company behind Vault Fitness? Newport Beach Boot Camp. The company has also developed multiple physical therapy training tools, offered both in-clinic and online vie the world-wide-web. All therapeutic and fitness protocols allow pain sufferers and those seeking greater fitness to access customized treatment via a series of thousands of therapy algorithms and online tutorials. Currently, products and services are sold directly to national organizations that recognize the impact musculoskeletal claim costs are having on profitability and productivity.
Therapy Resolutions is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

Press Contacts:
Faith Dumont
Vault Fitness Operator

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