5 Simple Steps To Get Website Traffic Through Forum Postings

by Theo McLanahan

Most people who are used to using the Internet on a moderately regular basis are very familiar with forums and message boards and how to use them. These online communities let people get together to ask questions, give and receive answers, share stories, and forge relationships. As a website owner, participating in online forums will allow you to get in touch with other Internet Marketers as well as with individuals who could potentially become your new customers. For these reasons, forums can increase the volume of traffic your website receives.

Most forums allow you to add a signature line to your profile. You can choose to add your name, a logo or catchphrase that describes your business and a link to your website. Your signature line will be added to each of your posts, and as people read them, they may be curious about your business and visit your site.

Forums are definitely an excellent place online to form relationships, but it does not happen immediately. You need to gain some credibility. To do so, post a greeting message with some information about yourself when you first join a forum. Also, be sure not to over advertise your website, since forums are often abused by spammers whose messages are deleted by moderators.

When you answer the questions that people have in a helpful and genuine way, they will eventually trust your advice and see you as an expert on the topic at hand.

The links you use do not all have to go to your homepage; you might link forum readers to your newsletter opt-in page. Having more newsletter readers will help boost traffic to your site, especially when you include links to new articles you have posted to the website in your newsletter.

Whenever you feature a special offer like an e-course or a discount on a certain product, let forum members know by posting about it. They will want to know so that they can take advantage of such special offers.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Word of mouth advertising has long been considered some of the best advertising you can find. With the onset of these forums, your online friends can literally refer you to people all over the globe. You can also use the forums to network with other Internet Marketers, and they are a great place to find people to team up with on joint ventures.

Using forums to make new friendships, make others see you as an expert, and link readers back to your website will all help you increase the traffic to your site.

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