Obtaining Perfect Landscape Photography Images

by Walker Hall

Can you explain your file numbering system? It’s very simple. The first two numbers are the year, the rest is a running index that restarts from zero every January. 96318.jpg, for example, was the 318th photo I took in 1996. It does fall apart a little if I take more than a thousand photos in a year, but following 99999 with 991000 didn’t pose any problems apart from the Windows file manager listing them in the wrong order.Yes. Paypal uses very high levels of security.

How Does This List Work? is a free online photo gallery and community for Landscape Photography. For questions/comments please read the FAQs page, or Contact Us. is a member of the The BigReef Community Network, formerly known as The Online Photo Sharing Network.No you do not have to pay with a credit card, but to make it easier for you we recommend using a credit card, or paying via PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

Do you use any filters, such as Polaroid? Very rarely. I did go through a phase of carrying a pouch full of filters around with me, but I grew tired of it. I do keep a UV filter permanently attached, though it’s really only there to protect the lens.This is a service we are thinking of offering depending on the demand through a VIP membership. If you would like to have this service offered just contact us and we would love to discuss any options.Yes.

I have a dialup connection, can I download the videos? Yes you can, we have thought of you as we wanted everyone to be able to take better landscape photographs The downloadable files come in differing sizes and quality to suit all internet connections.Yes. Paypal uses very high levels of security. You will notice that the shopping cart page and all other stages in the payment process have secure “https” page names, and that the secure page padlock appears in your browser. is a free online photo gallery and community for Landscape Photography.

Will this course help me if I have a digital camera? Yes, the course is suited to both digital and film cameras, compact cameras and SLR cameras. You will be taking photographs like a professional in no time at all no matter what type of camera you have.

Are you a professional photographer? No! What you see here are nothing more than snapshots. Apart from one recent, isolated case I’ve never made any money from photography. As I’ve said elsewhere my motivation for publishing these photos on the web is to share the experience of hiking and hillwalking with a wider public, not to push the photographs as art or things of merit in themselves. But if you do look at some of my images and think to yourself “hey, this guy can take a good photo” I shan’t seek to contradict you.Yes we do. We have sent photographs and cards to the United States, Australia and Europe. If you wish to order from outside the UK, please use our contact form to let us know what you would like to order and where you would like it shipped to. We will provide you with details of the total cost including shipping, and how payment can be made. Any import duties payable on products shipped outside the UK are the customer’s responsibility.Yes.

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