The Advantages Of A Mobile Photography Studio

by Ramirez James

I’m just getting started in modeling. How does this all work? Your first step is doing a photo shoot, to get 5-10 prints for your portfolio. Then schedule interviews with local modeling agencies to show them your photos. After you find an agency to represent you, you can order your composite cards (with your stats and 3-5 photos).I prefer check or cash, but I do accept credit cards and debit cards.

Can the image of my dreams be affordable? Absolutely. To be able to surround yourself with beautiful works of art that fulfills and enriches your life is wonderful. Some say priceless. And when the artwork is so personal the rewards are so much greater. Some artists might complain that we could raise our prices but I want those who appreciate and identify with the style of work that I create to be able to afford it.I can usually get you in within a day or two, sometimes even the same day! Saturdays book up the fastest, so allow more advance notice for that.I love to collaborate with others who want something that’s innovative, original, and who are expecting the best work.

What is Studio B Images general style of photography? We have a very casual, relaxed style. Natural shots in an outdoor setting tend to capture more personality. However, we can also shoot in a more traditional style if needed. A studio is available for indoor shoots.

I wear eyeglasses. Can I wear them for my portrait? Glasses can be a challenge for a good portrait. The key to a good portrait is capturing the eyes, and eyeglasses can distort or darken them, and cause unwanted reflections. If you have contact lenses, is it better to wear them instead. Or, ask your optometrist if they will loan you a pair of frames without lenses. They will often do this free of charge, or for a small refundable deposit. Or you can remove your lenses and and maybe wear a backup pair to the studio.If your package includes a CD, you can usually get it as soon as we’re done shooting! Standard prints take 1-3 business days. Headshot lithographs take 2-4 weeks. Sometimes you can even get your prints later the same day!Variety is key in a good modeling portfolio, from fun and sassy, to elegant and moody. Your clothes should be up-to-date and look like new. Use your photo shoot as an excuse to buy some new clothes! Bring several outfits, even if we don’t use them all. Avoid white, unless it is an accent color.

What’s the most exciting challenge for you as an artist? It’s creating images of my clients that truly match with their individual personality. My clients come here and feel comfortable not because of the famous and high profile people that I’ve photographed rather my clients feel at ease because they know my staff and I will provide them with the style of image they are looking for. One that will resonate with their lifestyle.We have a full service photo studio that is equal to the higher end studios that you would find in NYC. I’ve worked in many of the best rental studios in NYC over the course of 15 years photographing famous musicians for records companies and CEO of major companies such as Richard Branson. I’ve also worked on numerous photo shoots with children for Child magazine, Parents magazine. These clients expect the absolute best environment and best staff.

Do you shoot black and white or just color? I use a professional digital camera, so the originals are in color, but it’s a snap to convert them to black and white on the computer. You can get all your photos in black and white as well as color, upon request. No additional charge.I believe a lot of my clients come here because they want confidence in knowing their artwork will be as beautiful as the artwork they have seen on my website and in my gallery. It might surprise a lot of people but some photographers actually promote their business using other people’s images. That certainly surprised me when I found that out. It’s something we will never do.

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