Site Flipping Is Not Rocket Science And Here’s The Reason Why

There are many ways to make money on the web, and some people have done very well with site flipping. There are many ways to go about the process, but in the end you create value and sell it off. If you wanted to do this full time, then you will need to know what you are doing. So many people want the easy way out and to make money within a week, and that will not work here. This article explores some recommendations about how to do site flipping and they can help you along the way.

Search at Google for ‘site flipping forums,’ and then definitely go lurk and then get involved. You can talk to people and ask questions plus read archived posts, etc. Of course there are flipping veterans who know as much as anyone could know. You’ll learn about building and pricing and everything in between. So do not be shy about getting out there and meeting people in forums.

There are lots of places other than Google and SEO, but do what you want to do on this one. If you are going to backlink, then make sure you are doing high quality backlinks, etc. SEO is totally changing and Google is not finished with it because they hate it so much. So maybe at least have all the on page SEO factors in place, and then do some quality backlinking. It’s easier to sell an established site than it is to sell one that nobody has ever heard.

Avoid rushing and using cheap themes no matter what if you want to flip it or not. At the same time you don’t want to put hours of time into developing exactly the right theme just to have the buyer completely scrap it once they have purchased the site. From that then you can have a better idea about the theme and how complex it can be. You really do not need to buy a theme for each site, and if you do then be sure you are allowed to sell it.

Even though it’s old, site flipping can be a great method to make extra money. If you want to make six figures, then you will have to work hard at it. Do not approach this without a clue because if you do, then you will waste time and make nothing.

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