Animation knowledge

TV Version: release of the animated version on TV
Animation genre:
SF = of FICTION science fiction works, such as EVA, up to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Abbreviation of the anime:
On behalf of the familiar with the works between the animation enthusiasts often use abbreviations, abbreviations are usually able to understand, but some newcomers are not very familiar with this small sample, and then gradually to add.
FF: we are most familiar is probably the FF (FINAL FANTASY) series, FF series was a well-known game of SQUARE, because it is very popular so many peripheral, such as game animation OVA movie. But
The abbreviation FF need to identify, because of the “Matrix” series, also produced an animated short film called the FINAL FLIGHT, OF THE OSIRIS has (Westerners Secretary last flight), the abbreviation is the same the FF. The director of the film and the film version of “FINAL FANTASY” is the same person (Andy Jones), no wonder even the names are different.
M0 = Macross ZERO (ZERO is a zero mean, so use “0”)
ROD series: produced two works, one of the READ OR, DIE (OVA), the Chinese called “the thinking of death; the other is being produced to show the READ OR, the DREAM (TV), the current D version . Their abbreviations are ROD
[Edit this paragraph] the ?? produced cartoon to explain:
Supervision: director
Original: the original comic books or novels of
Script: in accordance with the original writing scripts
CAST: seiyuu, voice actor
STAFF: personnel involved in animation.

Production: means responsible for the production of the animation company or department
To create an animation (in Japan, usually to several departments or companies to work together to complete the clear division of labor, assembly line operation. An animation production standards tend to be the impact of the production unit, so in some cases to know the production a unit of the animation company or department to know the standard of the animation.) animated cartoons

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