importance of securing your site from hackers

Security is a critical factor when wetalking about importance and confidentiality of web hosting provider . what applications they give you when you get your website web space from them influence if this company give attention about the protection of your blog or not . all large web hosting providers create the sufficient steps to protect your site away from attacker .

you should also make certain that your internet website use the suitable hosting company and make sure to use several tools the hosting provider give you , you should acquire them in cpanel . you didn’t need to wake up any day to get a hacker attack in your main page which informing you that your internet website becomes under their control .

so i in the next lines will discuss number of the tools available in cpanel which provide number of protection measures to your internet website . protecting your website folders with passwords there is a way to permit you to create passwords in your website folders protecting them from reach by illegitimate hackers .

when using hostgator cpanel interface layout you can find this tool in the security portion after you logging into your website management panel . select the icon and in the page that appear select the folder you require to be restricted from reaching a new configuration page should load in which you can define the users that should reach the directory and make password for them .

these visitors exclusive can attain access the specified folder from the web . How to forbid any ips from reaching your blog Ip deny manager function enable you to forbid some ips addresses from accessing and sight your site data from the internet .

to access this function select its link and in the page that appear type the ip number you want to block you also will be able to set block of numbers here are several illustration Single IP Address Range Implied Range CIDR method 10. Implies 10.*.*.* you may also type fully qualified domain name and the function will resolving it to numerical code .

hot link protection this tool keep away another sites from stealing your data quota this happen when any internet site put Url to contents in your www website . for instance when a blog attach url to image hosted in your site this photo appear every time a somebody visit their site but the bandwidth is measured on you . so preventing this will save your data transfer , but you can add the other sites which you need to direct link to your files so allow them to get benifit from your website files . to configure this tool from security area select hot link protection painting , then click on enable link to enable the property . in the box beneath the button you should add the urls you want to permit them to use your contents .

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