Local investor makes mucho bucks, doesn’t know how to find deals

by Jesse Davis

Yes, in my area there are a lot of investors that make a lot of money and if you asked them what their secret is to finding all their properties they will surprise you by saying they don’t know how to find the deals.

What they will tell you is they are not doing it themselves, they let the local wholesaler find the deals for them. There are many investors around who buy from me, an established wholesaler, many times and over again. I feel sometimes like I am missing out when I hear about how much money they are making on the deals that I sold them.

These lucky investors decided that I didn’t feel comfortable selling properties to home owners, and they figured out that I had no desire to make a home run on a deal. I just wanted to make a few thousand and do that a bunch of times each month.

Most of the investors knew that in order for me to make a living, I had to move properties fast. Unlike them, my full time job is buying and selling houses. They already have other jobs, so they did not have the time to find the deals that I brought to them.

In short, if you want to make a bunch of money in real estate yet you don’t have the time to find the deals, buy from the guy who is selling 5-10 properties a month and doing volume business. If you don’t, you will soon find out that the most you will save is a few thousand bucks, and the time it will take you to do so will not be worth it.

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