Methods To Find Out On How To Get More Views On Youtube

This week’s idea is getting more views to your videos. So there are lots of ways to achieve this and we’ve identified the most convenient ones to inform you. First thing that you can do is to get a matching video to yours. Give a video response to it or give a comment to it or you can even send a message to that particular user. You could also add that user as a contact of yours so that you possibly can message them more in the future.

The next thing that you could do is to maximize your videos. So be sure to do your keyword research, find what your competition are applying as keyword terms then put those keyword terms in your filename, your description and your tags.

In case you have time too, for the elite people, transcribe your video. Use the transcription of the video in the description or you can actually put it in the captions as well. Basically, you want to make your video as easy to discover as possible.

The third thing that you possibly can do and the most evident is just to show it with everybody. So email everybody, email your loved ones, your folks, insert it on Facebook, put it on Twitter. And if you have a blog, embed it on your blog.

This week’s challenge is to apply 2 of these ways to get you more views on your videos. Create a video blog about it and give that as a video response.So thank you for every one of your video responses using our special 4-step formula. Every one of your videos were amazing. Congratulations to everyone who’s posted to the video response to date. We really wish we had enough time to identify every single one of you. Continue the good work and we’re really looking towards seeing your responses in a few days. V:4

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