Online invoicing solutions and direct debit batch automation

I want my customers to be able to order my services online and then have their recurring fees collected via debit order automatically. Sound familiar? This is what so many other small to medium sized business managers fantasize about; a seamless, signup, invoicing, fee collection and reconciliation procedure.

The pleasant dream also begins to turn into an issue when you realize that billing for all these accounts as well as billing reconciliation will have to be performed manually. Can you say 100’s of hours? This is the motivation why most SMEs think this flavor of billing is not cost effective and won’t suit the needs of their inique style of business.

We’re here to tell you that now is the time to look again! Out in the realms of cyberspace there are a few good developers who have heard the need of the small business owner and come to their assistance with out-the-box billing and web-based invoicing services that not only automates your invoicing, but sends and automates debit order payments. This is a relatively new field, so most services are still untested, but there are a few reputable industry leaders that are completely worth using.

Let’s take the case study of a small to medium size travel agency who sell timeshare for several hotel resorts. Getting a website developer to develop a system that records their client’s data, invoices for the monthly/annual timeshare fees, submits debitbatches according to client debit batch date and then automatically recons accounts will cost tens of thousands.

So let’s leave those co-ordination issues in the past. Get online and find a good online billing and debit order collection and automation system now. It’s as hassle-free as doing a search for “online invoicing”.

You can find out more about recurring invoicing, by visiting Susan Bapsnill’s site on how to choose the ultimate recurring billing system for your needs.

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