Online Marketing Companies: Which Social Media Platforms Came First?

Every popular form of media has its origins, especially when it comes to social media. There are many sites that we use today – Facebook and Twitter, just to name a couple – but they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today if it wasn’t for previous platforms paving the way. With this in mind, it’s important to go over the oldest social sites in history. Here are the most prominent that online marketing companies can go over.

Six Degrees – According to numerous online marketing companies, Six Degrees is the first social media network to ever exist. It came about in 1997 and its primary function was the creation of lists, containing friends and family members alike, which users could compile. Unfortunately, it proved to be too ambitious of a website and closed down in 2001. Despite its short run, Six Degrees laid the groundwork for a number of other social media platforms to follow.

MySpace – When it comes to the biggest names of the mid and late 90s, particularly in regard to technology, MySpace is nothing short of memorable. One can make the argument that it’s nothing more than a platform for musicians, which has truth to it. However, during the aforementioned time frame, everyone was on MySpace. It was a unique site that popularized much of what modern social media sites use today. Its impact cannot be overlooked by authorities like and the world at large.

LinkedIn – Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is still going strong as a professional social media network. LinkedIn users have the ability to connect to people in their industries, thereby increasing their individual networks and opening up new opportunities in the process. The site has gotten so big, in fact, that Microsoft purchased it this year for a hefty sum. LinkedIn has been around for well over a decade and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

As you can see, some social media networks are older than others. Despite this, they have had their own respective impacts, regardless of if they’re still felt today. Social media has a surprising amount of history to it, beyond the details covered earlier, and it might be in your best interest to dig a little deeper. By doing so, you might find yourself learning even more about social media than you ever would have thought.

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