Perfect Gifts For Your Girls

by Tia Wetherell

It was not long ago that the typical gifts for girls involved either dolls or toys resembling domestic appliances. We have come a long way since then and now there is much more from which to choose when it comes to buying gifts for girls.

In today’s technological society, girls are on cellular phones, working with computers, listening to MP3’s and playing video games. Girls ages 10 – 20 appreciate gifts like software, ring tones, iTunes, video games and minutes for their cell phone. Before running out and buying any of these products, you should first find out where her tastes lie. For instance, not just any video game would do.

Give the gift of music. A new CD, tickets for a concert from a band she likes, or again, downloads are great ideas. Even the youngest girls tend to like music, just make sure what you get is right for her age group.

There are individual and series of books available for girls ages 0 to 20. While there are some specific series that are popular, such as those written by Stephenie Meyer for teens, you can get help from a bookseller at your local bookstore, too. They know which books are the most popular and can even help you find specific ones that cater to the recipient’s tastes.

Give the gift of dream support. Whatever her dreams and goals are, encourage them by helping her along. Dancers love dance outfits and dance shoes; writers like pens and journals; a blossoming singer might want some voice lessons (be sure to give this carefully to encourage and not offend); a soccer player might appreciate some new equipment and an artist is always in need of supplies.

The old standby, jewelry, is often the perfect choice. If the girl in question is someone in your family or with whom you are close, a charm bracelet is a nice idea. Buy a bracelet and two or three “charms” to go on it. Then, purchase a new charm for every new occasion until her bracelet is filled. All the other jewelry, necklaces, rings and earrings are great, too — if you know her particular style.

Give her the gift of your time. Take her out to eat and then to a movie. You might take her bowling or put-put golfing. Shopping at the mall is rarely a bad idea for a gift when it comes to girls. If you cannot go with her, give her gift cards that allow for two people (such as movies, bowling and miniature golf).

Girls are not difficult to buy for as long as you understand their interests and priorities. If you are stumped, ask one of her family members or close-friends for assistance in picking out the right present.

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