Renting A Suit Is Wrong

by Victor Santerino

Many years have gone by since the first suit was spawned into life. However, the suit has not lost any of its power in today’s society. Men of importance and great stature choose to wear this garment every day and in every country it is available.

With this in mind we must also note that suits are not just worn in the business arena. Formal events and other fashionable places tend to require suits as well. Just look at any wedding pictures or award ceremony footage and you will know this is true.

Men need to own a minimum of one suit in their lifetime. This is because their is almost no way a man will go through a lifetime without having to go someplace that requires the use of a suit.

Now that we all agree that a man will need to own a suit, why buy one rather than rent? The main reason for this is because it is much more convenient and economical to buy rather than rent. Many people say it is just the opposite, so I will try to elaborate in the following paragraphs.

Choosing a rental suit over buying a suit is only a temporary fix. Also a rental suit can not be held in your closet for fast and easy access. Purchasing a suit will give you the flexibility needed in a fast paced modern world.

Owning a suit will also give you the ability to choose a suit that looks fantastic on you the first time. You can buy a suit once and with a little altering have this suit look great on you for the duration of its use.

Lastly a suit purchased will almost always cost you less than the recurring rental fees of a suit. When renting a suit you will need to take into account not just the rental fee but the cost of fuel to get to the rental company and the cost of time lost.

I hope this article has convinced you of the importance of owning a suit rather than just renting one. Remember to think of a suit as an investment rather than just an expensive set of clothes and you will find great success.

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