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Have you heard of the Warrior Forum? The Warrior Forum is one of the most popular places for Internet Marketers to hang out. That is one crazy place because you will find all kinds of products/services created by the membership. The most popular part of this board is the WSO board. The Warrior Special Offers forum is where all those creations are sold. On the other hand there is never a guarantee that you will make money, and that is where this article comes in the picture.

If you look at WSOs, you will see the tactic of raising the price after so many sales. The one thing you want to avoid is the appearance of being too aggressive with the increases. All this is amounts to applying time and price pressure as well as a form of scarcity. Fixed price points work fine but if they have the chance of getting it cheaper than anybody else, your buyers will jump on your offer like nothing you have ever seen. As it concerns pricing, there is some flexibility to be had if you use the Warrior Plus program.

You really need to be careful about how you price your product and there is more to this than you may realize. One thing you will see are very low prices and it is clear in some cases that the WSO is under-priced. You know the thinking, that if it is low than people will flock to it. These are the times when you have to make the best judgment call you can because not all under-priced products are poor ones. If you honestly don’t know how to price a product, search through the board for posts on the subject. There is no one particular way or method for doing this, and that is why it can seem a bit muddy.

Years ago there was a big hassle with how you were going to take payments. Some years ago the Warrior Pro/Plus solutions were put into place, and that is something that a lot of people use now. It costs about twenty dollars to set up the system to deliver your product. WSO buyers are more likely to trust and buy a product that you sell directly and deliver directly through the Warrior Forum itself. Plus you want to cut down on the process you have with payment and delivery.

You need to do some WSO’s if you want a chance at serious money. In this article you have read about a few solid tips for what to do. With a little bit of research and experience you’ll find plenty more and be raking in the dough before you know it.

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