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You can not become opulent unless you strike some fabulous deals and this should make you do some research. For research, it is best to start at forums or search engines. Look for popular forums which talks about making money online which have separate sections dealing with places to buy, trade or even exchange links.

Useful hints for buying links.

Site wide links are not as powerful as they seem but it means you get a link from all the pages, or many pages within the same website. For instance, there could be equal number of backlinks as there are number of pages in the site. The point to be noted is that Google overlooks the large number of links which are originating from the same site. Ten thousand backlinks may not be counted as such but you could still benefit.

Procuring backlinks can also be done taking the routes of article and directory submission or through blog networks. Different directory submission services need not be purchased as they could be ending up in the same sites. For directory submissions find out the best deal, take your time on proper research. You would be considered to have made a commendable deal when you get a thousand directory submissions.

Regarding article submission, avoid the mistake of buying services which end up with the same directories, so ask for a sample or list of the directories. A superb deal is when you get to submit to a thousand article directories. It is not suggested to continue with your research for a higher and more profitable deal, since it could mean a lot of extra work.

A lot of links would point towards your site when you buy backlinks. It is surely a grand thing to happen but you have to make sure that you use different anchor texts. Crete several versions, some six to eight would do, of your main key words and use all of them. Variations means simple pick up your keyword like for example blue cars then create new keywords out of it, but always use your main keyword. Of course this need not be taken as a compulsory instruction, you have to ensure that some combinations are made few and in between. If you are contemplating buying backlinks from blog networks, you have to watch out for the fact that the blogs are not from the same IP address. It does not matter if they have no pagerank, but make sure the blogs are indexed at least.

Certain deals consist of purchasing links from high pagerank websites, but these are usually more expensive. There is hardly any point in getting into deals where your budget does not allow you to take such plunges, but if you buy several links from sites which have currently zero to low pageranks, it could turn into a goldmine later. The least that you could do is to check out whether the sites are indexed.

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