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by thulas

Web hosting is primarily an internet service that helps organizations and individuals create their virtual presence on the Web. If you want others to see your website you will need one of these and depending on whether it is a commercial site or not will dictate how much you pay but it is possible to have this at no charge (with restrictions). A certain amount of storage space on the server is allocated to each user where they can store their website files and other data for people to access.

Free hosting deals are great for those who want to ‘dip their toes in the water’ for example but the range of services available to them will be limited. For more storage space, better email facilities, sub domains and more you really need top look at paid web hosting plans; this is particularly pertinent for business customers. There is a huge range of services available and often comparison sites are the best place to search as prices do vary considerably and you must really know in advance what type of service you need.

Most people and companies start their hosting by using a shared server system which means your files are on the system with other peoples.This will enable you to see if you have chosen a very good company; then change to a dedicated server with your company when you’re comfortable with their services. You need to have a registered domain to have a web hosting package otherwise files, websites and other digital information cannot be stored or accessed. Files include web pages, images, audios, and videos, to name a few and normally, you will be provided with storage space of about 1Gb although the limit is continually rising as storage costs lessen.

The good thing about having your own web hosting package and domain means that all your email addresses will contain your domain name in them and not that of the free service provider you may have been using previously. Having your own email addresses are an important sign that a person or company is serious about their internet presence and provides a sense of credibility which cannot be achieved with the many free service providers available. The next thing to consider with your hosting package is how much information will be stored on the server that can be downloaded from your website as it will use a facility called bandwidth; the greater amount of files stored that can be accessed, the greater amount of bandwidth will be required.

Problems will occur in the form of an inaccessible website if the bandwidth is exceeded so if the web host cannot provide the bandwidth you require you will need to use another company. Remember, everything that is stored and can be accessed on your site has a bandwidth, even the website itself so if your site contains images, MP3 tracks and video clips for example, your bandwidth allocation will be used up even faster. You may have your own web host in your PC, but that can be too risky; the best option is to settle for paid web hosting, even if you’re new to the internet.

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