The easy way to Select an Internet Marketing Consultant

Most smaller firms don’t have their own iinternet marketing or website development function in-house. This is due to the fact that they do not have the requirement (or the funding for that matter) for a dedicated, full time Internet Maketing specialist. Therefore , smaller businesses must outsource their Internet Marketing and Website Development to an external specialist or consultant. This Internet Marketing Consultant will work in tandem with the company to use digital media to help grow the business successfully. Such companies will need to choose that consultant very carefully as a good partnership is critical for the success (and sometimes even survival) of their business.

Here is some information for helping to pick an Internet Marketing Consultant for that crucial partnership.

What to Search for in an Internet Marketing Consultant

The advisor should not only know his or her stuff about Internet Marketing (and maybe Mobile Marketing if required) but should be able (and willing) to clarify that stuff in terms that the business owners and executives can simply understand. The stress should be not only on how Internet Marketing services and solutions work but also how they may benefit the business with improved revenue and profits.

The expert should also know your stuff. They must be well placed to understand both the needs of your business and the needs of your clients.

The expert should have the tools, knowledge and experience to analyse your web competitive position and to make suggestions for substantial enhancements. The specialist should be able and ready to explain the analysis and recommendations vis the impact on the business.

The specialist should have access to a range of digital marketing solutions and services to implement the above recommendations. She or he should be in a position to give you a single point of contact to execute those solutions and services (handling other providers as needed) as well as reporting on progress and issues. The Internet Marketing Consultant should take full responsibility for these solutions and services together with their impact on your business.

The expert should be well placed to customise these solutions and services to your own business requirements. Identikit solutions will probably not work very well as each company is different. In any case, are you wanting to have precisely the same digital marketing as your competitors?

If you are a smaller company then you will probably desire to cope with a small digital marketing consultancy. This way you will get a rather more personal service from someone who understands small businesses. Ensure that they have good connections to other supplier who may provide some of the solutions. A franchise operation, like WSI, is a good choice as such an organisation will have a robust network for knowledge sharing and coaching as well as powerful economies of scale for purchasing from other suppliers (you’ll also have back up if your advisor has Problems).

Your Internet Marketing Consultant as a Business Partner

Avove all, remember that your relationship with your Internet Marketing Consultant is a long term partnership. Your business and the consultant should work closely together with a lot of interchange and communication. There must be no barriers between you.

More Information on Internet Marketing

You can find a range of articles covering Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing in Peter James ‘ Site.

Peter James of WSI Digital Advantage is an experienced Internet Marketing Consultant. He’s got a range of tools, experience and abilities to help analyse a company’s online competitive position and to make proposals to boost that competitive position. He has got a range of solutions and services to deliver against those proposals and to help his clients ‘ businesses grow.

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