How to sell your products and services on the web

Some SMME owners and freelancers want to get in on the idea of selling their products and services on the web. Not only is this an excellent way to supplement your income, but if done right it gives your clients a better ordering experience.

Take a glance at the tips below to see how web-based sales will work for your SMME:

No website required

To start selling your products and services on the internet most small business owners think you need a high priced website and e-commerce software. Although this is ideal for enterprise type businesses, many small businesses simply can’t afford to spend thousands on something like this.

This is where utilizing a ready-hosted online shop solution comes in. Shop around for online services that give you the ability to sell your products and services on the internet without the huge cost of website development.

Automate and save cash

A ready hosted online shopping solution will help you save cash on website development. It will up your income by having your customers to login online and purchase your goods and services easily and quickly. A lot of these procedures can be automated – for example the sending of invoices when ordering is finished. This will save your business time on administration and make the procedure just that much simpler for your customers.

Making online payment simple

So you want to sell your services on the web, hey? That also means you need to offer your clients the ability to pay online. There are many payment gateways in the market today that let your customers to pay for the products and services they buy online in a secure, easy manner. Having an immediate credit card payment gateway is necessary. This can be partnered with a gateway that allows wire transfer of funds.

Using a payment facilitator to help you sell your services online will not only increase sales, but will help you earn more, get paid quicker and improve your online presence. Automation of billing or recurring billing can be achieved through many online invoicing systems, so your clients can order online and be instantly debited on a monthly schedule for the services or products they ordered. Now that’s what I call hassle-free billing.

Dave is a well known business coach and author. He recommends the use of an online invoicing with recurring and subscription invoicing capabilities for a cheap cost effective online presence.

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