Tips On Choosing A Suit Designer

by Victor Santerino

Knowing how to choose a designer suit is one of the rarest skills a man can have. This is because clever marketing not only tells people what to eat, what to say, and what to do, it also tells people what to wear.

My years of experience have given me a vast amount of insight into what each designer focuses on in their designs. In this article I will teach you what the differences are between a few brands and how to spot them. I’ll also teach you how to choose a suit that looks good on your particular build.

Suit designs start at the shoulders and lapels. Contemporary suits will have a medium sized lapels while more vintage designs will have a wider lapels. Newer urban looks are more streamlined and usually have thinner lapels or no lapels at all.

Men with medium builds can get away with almost any size lapel but should make sure they find a suit with a natural slope to it. Some suits to look at are Coppley, Mantoni, and Zanetti. These designers all provide a unique look while still maintaining a nice size lapel and shoulder spread for the medium sized man.

Men with more size to them than average need to choose a suit with larger lapels and thinly padded shoulder spreads. Some designers to consider are Perry Ellis, Haggar, and Bill Blass. These suits are good for making a large man look his best.

Thin men should look into more aggressive looks with thick shoulder pads and narrow lapels. This look can be found in any Jones of New York, Sean John, Michael Kors, or Kenneth Cole suit. These suits make thin men look more muscular and fit.

The styles of suit pants usually vary dramatically from designer to designer. Wide lapels usually go with double pleats while medium sized variations go with single pleats. Thinner lapels usually have no pleats at all and remain flat fronted.

Lean men need to wear flat fronted pants to focus in on the leg rather than the suit. These pants help make the thinner man look thicker and more muscular up top.

The average man can wear both pleats or flat fronted pants. Pant style should be chosen based off of the jacket the medium sized man decides to buy. Larger lapels call for pleats while thin lapels need flat front pants.

Big men would be advised to buy a suit with pleats or double pleats. Pleated pants do a great job at drawing attention to the suit rather than the mans leg. These pants are perfect for making anyone look fit.

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