Want a Very Tough Smartphone Protector Cover? Get a Ballistic

What was the worst you’ve put your cell phone through? Have you seen it drop down the rungs of a ladder as you climbed up to clean out your gutters? Did you leave it on the roof of your car? Were you using it as a music player while you were running and then fumbled it onto the asphalt?

There are tons of ways we manage to drop our cell phones, smartphones, iPads, Kindles and other mobile devices are innumerable. Many mobile devices have met an early, untimely death thanks to a drop, a fall or a poorly aimed toss. These scenarios are all very good reasons for why having a protective case for your mobile device is an absolute necessity.

There are a variety of high-quality protective cases on the market for mobile devices, including OtterBox, Trident, Speck and others. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Ballistic Case Company, a company that specializes in rugged, tough cases that protect mobile devices even under extreme conditions.

The Hard Core Series – The Ballistic Hard Core Series is meant to be just that: a hard core case for the user who likes to abuse his or her mobile devices. The Hard Core cases have five different layers of protection, including an impact-resistant polycarbonate. There’s also a built-in LCD screen protector, a water resistant mesh covering the speakers, a hard plastic rotating holster with a kickstand, and an optional outer layer of silicone.

The Shell Gel Series isn’t quite as hard core as the Hard Core Series, but this line still offers three unique layers of serious device protection. The first layer, the layer closest to the device itself, is a soft silicone with reinforced corners. The next layer is a hard polycarbonate shell that’s impact-resistant. The final layer is a shock absorbent polymer.

The Ballistic Life Style is a slim case designed just for the iPhone 4. As the company admits, most iPhone cases on the market today are bulky, and certainly they are not very stylish. The Life Style Series is meant to fill the gap between bulky, but super-tough cases and stylish cases that don’t offer much by way of protection.

Like other Ballistic cases, the Life Style Series includes corners reinforced with soft silicone for shock absorption. However, the overall design is thinner and sleeker, much easier to slide in and out of a pocket than bigger cases. The two available colors are a translucent, dusky blue and a translucent, smoky gray. Red and black corner bumpers come standard with the case, enabling users to choose the colors they like best to pop into place.

Sport Rugged Series is a line of cell phone pouches by Ballistic meant to stay intact regardless of what kind of activity occurs. Made with very durable materials, it also has a unique opening that doesn’t muffle the sound of a ring or a text message.

The Tough Jacket Series are rugged cases for tablets. At present, Tough Jackets exist for the iPad 2 and iPad 3, Kindle Fire, the BlackBerry Playbook, and the Motorola Xoom. In all, Ballistic is one of the industry’s top-notch case makers. Whichever series you decide is right for you, a case from Ballistic will definitely satisfy your mobile protection needs.

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