What Makes a Good Security Advisor

If you’re going to hire some 3rd party to review your company’s network security systems, some thought should be given to what constitutes a “good” one? To paraphrase, you’ve got to know the person you hire is not only capable of performing the job, but can be trusted with your delicate information, and access to your corporation’s network.

The fundamentals still apply here. Google them, especially Google them with regards to bad reviews, negative ratings, or beefs against them. That’s step one, and a thing you must do with any seller you plan to make use of.

2nd will be to talk with them on the phone or head to head if you can organize it. If you are not technically inclined, get somebody from your IT staff to have that conversation for you. You’re not hunting for anything specific here, but rather, solely to be certain that the seller you select for the job has a working experience of networks and security. You’d be amazed at the things some individuals will make attempts to pass themselves off as in order to part you from your cash, so a little checking up front can save you a lot of grief later .

Finally, don’t be shy about asking for references, and then follow up and contact the references they provide you. So regularly a request is formed for references, and once they are offered, it never goes any further than that. This is stupid. Any person can write a name and a telephone number on a chunk of paper and give it to you. Do not believe what has to be the oldest trick in the book. Pick up the phone and spot check! Call one or two and get a sense for the way the people listed feel about the service and level of data they received for their money.

Network security is too necessary to leave anything to risk. You owe it to oneself and to your company to select smartly when choosing an independent security expert.

Internet Security Security Consulting professional

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