Yvonne Chihak: 3 Steps To Boost Your “Ezine Solo Ad

by Yvonne Chihak

Considering an ezine solo ad? It’s certainly one of the best ways to reach out to your target market. When people choose to sign up for an ezine, it’s usually because they’re interested in the topic. So sending an ezine solo ad to your target market via the ezine they chose to receive can get you pretty good response.

Don’t jump right into the boat just yet. Follow the steps below to maximize your ezine solo ad benefits:

1. Make sure you have a capture page before you send out your ezine solo ad. I see a lot of solo ads where marketers send people directly to their company replicated sites after they click the link in the ezine solo ad email. This is nuts. You should have a lead capture page set up to capture the information of the people who click on your link so that you can continue to market to them.

First off, studies show that your potential customers won’t buy right away. they need to see your offer a minimum of about 7 more times before they make a decision. So your best bet to maximize your “ezine solo ad” is to capture their names and emails through a lead capture page and continue marketing to them.

2. Be sure to read up on the ezines you decide to target with your ezine solo ad. This should be a given until you find ones that work with owners that are trustworthy. While there are some liars out there, there are those who will work with you honestly and professionally. So before you send out your ezine solo ad, talk to the ezine webmaster and know exactly when your ezine will be delivered. Register to receive that ezine too and look for your ad.

Ask the newsletter owner to send you a copy of your ezine solo ad before he or she sends the mailing to their list. Check to be sure your links work and notify the ezine owner of any changes you make.

3. Tracking is very important for your ezine solo ad. You can track clicks only or more extensively by using different types of trackers. Click audit is a system that tracks clicks and its free to use. Set up an account and use the link they give you in your ezine solo ad. It will show you how many people clicked your link in your ad.

You can find other more comprehensive tools for more detailed tracking. If you’re getting good click through and opt-ins then you can choose to use that ezine again next time. If you don’t track, you just wasted your ezine solo ad.

When you run a quality “ezine solo ad” through a laser targeted ezine list full of people who truly desire that newsletter, you will increase your business, make money and grow your own list.

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