A Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Helps Locals Understand Their Rights When Hurt

When someone is involved in an accident that was beyond their control, they may not know where to turn for assistance. They may feel confused when trying to figure out how to make up wages lost because of this incident. In such situations, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney can help victims understand their choices, rights and legal recourse.

The basis for cases in this field are liability through negligence, which causes damages or injuries. Some examples are slipping on a wet floor in a store, being bitten by someone’s dog or filing malpractice against a doctor. These lawyers can help when the fault lies solely with the other party.

The attorney will meet with the clients to examine all the facts of the claim. If the case seems viable, a more in depth investigation may be ordered to gain the needed proof. This could involve visiting the site of the incident, talking to possible witnesses and even reviewing any available video footage.

Once all the necessary information has been gathered, a meeting is held between the lawyer and the client go discuss the possible choices for proceeding with the claim. Many times, no trial is needed because a cash settlement can be agreed upon by the parties involved. It is usually large enough to cover lost wages and incurred medical charges.

In situations where the charges are disputed or the settlement is rejected, the case will have to go to trial. The lawyer will be able to explain to the client what to expect and a general time frame for how long the whole process may take. They may also be able to assist the plaintiff with finding medical care for the injuries while awaiting a decision.

When a person is hurt because of the carelessness of another, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney may be able to help them find relief through examining their options. Fort Lauderdale Lawyers in this field do not get paid by the hour. They work on contingency and take their fee from the amount they manage to recoup for their clients once the case has been resolved.

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