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In Arizona, nearly all of the important documents of the state are conserved by the Vital Records Unit of the Department of Health Services. But, if you are searching for a specific marriage certificate, you can recover such from the Clerk of the Superior Court of the county where the nuptial occurred. The best part is that Arizona laws permit any person to reclaim a copy of any marriage decree. One can initiate his or her inquiry by browsing through marriage records Arizona.

There are two simple ways on how you can go about your request for a copy of a certain marriage report. First is that you can visit the Customer Service Center. The specific locations where you can get in touch with the above-mentioned agency are revealed in the website of the Clerk of the Superior Court. Second, you can order via mail. It is vital that you state the complete legal names of the husband and wife before the marriage. Also, you have to ensure that you include a self-addressed stamped envelope. You will be charged $26.50 for your mailed petition and this amount must be payable by check or money order. If you cannot provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, you have to pay an extra fee of $7.00 to defray handling cost as a replacement for the said envelope. For walk-in applications, payments made via credit cards are also acknowledged.

You can be hopeful that your demand will be dispatched sooner than expected as long as you can supply important details such as the couple’s complete names and the precise year of their marriage.

You can also choose whether the replica you want is certified or not. An uncertified duplicate can be retrieved by anybody but such document will not be usable for legal purposes. Such type of report is mostly utilized by people who want to trace their roots or those who want to locate their extended relatives. On the other hand, a certified copy is generally printed on a special kind of paper, and bears the seal and signature of the State Registrar. These certified records can be used in legitimate matters such as insurance claims or name changes.

The full name of the husband and wife, the couple’s date of birth, and the date and location of their marital union are among the vital details revealed in a marriage decree. But if you try to observe the latest marriage certificates, you will discover that certain particulars such as the bride and groom’s home address and their respective employments are disclosed.

At present, a free marriage records search is feasible with the aid of the Internet. A comprehensive online records community is accessible to any individual who finds it necessary to collect valuable information in a short span of time. Fortunately, you can choose whether to make use of the free online locations or you can spare a minimal amount for the paid services. To date, this is the greatest preference you can have in reclaiming vital records that is easy on your pocket and can save you time and strength.

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