Beat The Rap With A DUI Attorney Newport Beach

When drivers are charged with using alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle, they often face a long and expensive battle. Fines as well as other repercussions of the charges may be expensive and cause effects that last several years. Often a DUI attorney Newport Beach can help to win the case. DUI Attorney Newport Beach

The courts say individuals can be stopped for this crime base on a tip from an anonymous source. Other people can report an individual is driving erratically and the cops have probable cause to stop as well as detain the driver. If at all possible, you should take steps to avoid such conditions.

When suspected of operating a motor vehicle drunk, the officer can require citizens to provide a sample for a breathalyzer test. Experienced attorneys in the field can argue against the validity of the test. In many cases, when the charges are based only on the results of the test, the court will dismiss all charges.

If a driver is asked to submit to a breathalyzer test, it is recommended that he or she follow the request even after drinking. Refusing the test can result in immediate suspension of one’s license. It is easier for a good lawyer to argue against the validity of the test than to fight the suspension of the license.

The charge of driving under the influence does not just apply to alcohol. Even over the counter medications can cause problems. Charges may affect the cost of insurance for several years in the future. In addition, if driving is a part of one’s employment, the charge may cause loss of a job.

The DUI attorney Newport Beach helps to defend drivers who are faced with these charges. The attorneys make use of scientific evidence to fight these charges. In many cases, the money spent on attorneys is a good investment in protecting one’s future. With the help of a good lawyer, many people are able to see the charges dismissed, meaning the charges have no impact on the future.

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