Benefits Of Deferred Action Program

Deferred action was the latest and significantly important policy introduced by President Barack Obama on the 15th of June the year 2012. It is a policy that aims at helping huge population of youths with undocumented and unlawful status who managed to come to the United States of America when aged sixteen years and below to acquire legitimate stay in the United States of America. There are, however, certain qualifications that the alien must attain n order to successfully qualify for the program.

The main focus is offering assistance to the young in acquiring a legal stay, the candidate should therefore be one who came in to the country under when he was 16 year of age. Besides having arrived at that age, the candidate must have lived in US for the past five consecutive years. Some of these young people normally come by themselves in search for a better life of to fulfill their dream while others come with their parents.

An eligible applicant must have been in US from the time when the policy was introduced to the time when he is submitting his application. This only applies to those whose entry to the country was without being inspected before the program was introduced. It also applies to those whose immigration documents had expired by 15-06-2012.

The beneficiaries to this scheme are those who conduct themselves well. They must possess a clean record of behavior that is not tainted with misconduct. This means that he must not have been contravened the law and found guilty of multiple crimes, felony or significant crime. The age bracket must also be between age fifteen and thirty one by the time of introduction of the program.

Another per-condition is that the applicant should be a graduate from a high school or be enrolled in a high school with an equivalence of the programs. A two-year deportation deferment means that the successful candidate is able to acquire a work permit which will enable him to legitimately work anywhere in the country. It is, however, alarming that statistics prove that the number of applicants decreased in October and November.

It was thought that after Obama re-election, many immigrants will apply in large number but that was not the case. Those who understood the importance such a policy were quick to apply and had already done so. It was also speculated that suppose Romney won the elections, then he could have scrapped out the policy.

There have been major setbacks in the implementation of the policy. One of the obstacles lies in the $465 amount of application payment charged by the government which is meant to cover the various costs of the program. The other setback is the accessibility of legal counsel which can help the young and undocumented immigrants organize their applications correctly.

A fruitful deferred action should be followed by an application of social security identification number. An application for a work-permit will be required first before obtaining the security number. Once one has gotten the work-permit, he is required to visit the near by social security bureau to make an application for the security number. The birth certificate, the employment-authorization document and passport will be required. The social security card is delivered to the rightful owner with in two weeks if the application was successful

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