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The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in 1966 has mandated the local government of each state to allow the residents to access their personal files. One of the states that have implemented such law is the state of California. The public records California manage range from family related files to criminal records.

The public records, not only in California, serve many purposes. Each type has its own special use. Family related files such as birth, death and marriage files are used primarily to update the family history. Checking out the records of others is one of the common reasons for accessing the criminal history files. Insurance claims are also one of the reasons for requesting public records.

The information that can be found on a public record is different depending on the type of record that is being requested. This is especially true for criminal related files since one can find details about the crimes committed are indicated on the file. Such information cannot be found on a death or a marriage file. There is, however, common information that can be found on almost all of the public documents of the state. Such information includes the name of the person on the file along with other personal details such as the birth date and place.

Generally, the search for a public record is free of charge but with all the effort exerted in retrieving the record, fees has to be paid. The fee would also depend on the type of document that is being requested as well as the county where it was filed. The cost for a family related file would not go beyond $30 but for criminal files, one has to pay more since it requires a more thorough search.

The public records of California are managed by two state offices. The Vital records Section is where one can obtain family related files such as birth, death, divorce and marriage files. The Department of Justice can provide the criminal files of the state. By knowing where the files are being archived, one can save a great deal amount of time in the retrieval process. The search is now made easier with the use of technology because the records can be obtained even without going to the office. The request can now be done through the Internet.

There are now a lot of websites that offer to search public records free of any charges. A free service is one of the ways that websites offer in order to promote their services. BY doing so, people can then have firsthand experience with the services and then decide whether to proceed with the in depth search with incur charges. A paid search is still considered by many because of the completeness and accuracy of the results provided. These websites are linked to several online databases in order to provide the best results.

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