Can A Texas Family Lawyer Advise On The Procedure For Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is the term given to the process where a couple agrees to arrive at a common agreement outside of the courtroom. The key principles center on each party agreeing to exchange information in an honest fashion and to always keep any children’s best interests in mind. All parties then come to agreements regarding their future instead of letting the judge decide their fate.

So How Does the Process Work?

Both partners hire a Texas family lawyer to legally represent them to ensure that each of their separate interests are dealt with. An agreement of participation is key document in a collaborative divorce. All parties and their legal representation are required to sign this legally binding contract, which normally states several of the following:

– Each of the attorneys agree not to litigate the case in the courtroom.

– If the couple cannot arrive at a mutual agreement, both of an original lawyers must be replaced by new legal counsel.

– Each party agrees not to take advantage of mistakes made by the other side.

– Everyone must disclose any relevant information pertaining to the case.

– All relevant parties in the case have to agree to be respectful of each other.

This kind of approach helps ex-partners to make decisions regarding their future and steer clear of any divorce issues. If there are minor children involved, each of the parents may hire a child specialist. These specialists will help educate both parents about the children and their developmental requirements. They can help the couple formulate a fair parenting plan that will benefit everyone involved.

Using Professionals During the Process

In many instances, each party will seek out expert guidance from professionals in order to take care of their divorce issues. This could include the following:

– Divorce Coach: This is a professionally trained therapist who can help spouses in handling the the stresses associated with divorce. They help by getting each spouse to target the immediate and future goals for the two parties.

– Financial Consultant: These industry experts will help to educate each spouse with regards to their financial matters. The consultant can also help by determining the value of a business or recommend options about how the couple’s assets should be divided.

The best time to Seek Legal Services

If a couple decides pursue a collaborative divorce, they will have to get help from a lawyer who’s experienced in this kind of process. Every divorce has unique aspects that require help from a legal specialist. Thus, it is very important to seek advice from a Texas family lawyer who is able to examine the details of your case and supply advice.

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