Complete Car Accident “must Do” Checklist From An Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia PA

You took your eyes off the road for one second and it happened. The car in front of you slammed on its brakes. You looked up, tried swerve out of the way, but you didn’t make it. Your car clipped the other car’s bumper. You spun 180 degrees, narrowly avoided a second collision with a passing truck, and then came to an abrupt stop.

Even though each car sustained a considerable amount of damage, all drivers appear to be in okay condition. You think you’re pretty fortunate when considering all things. Then, the adrenaline in your system begins to wear off and you start sweating. In a state of panic, you start wondering what you ought to do.

You have to be prepared for accidents when these happen. When involved in a car crash, there are a number of specific steps you need to take. To start, try to determine how injured everyone is. Speak with each person in all of the involved cars.

The next step is to report this event to the police. Drivers in Pennsylvania are legally required to notify the appropriate authorities whenever auto accidents result in significant injuries, death or if one of the cars has sustained too much damage to drive away.

Drivers of all vehicles must submit a form AA-600 to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within 5 days of the incident. You should write down the drivers’ license numbers, tag numbers, and insurance information for all of drivers involved in the incident. You need to talk to all witnesses, as well as the officers present, and you must make sure you have all of the drivers’ and witnesses’ names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Use your cell phone to take plenty of photos and get medical help as soon as you possible can, even if you do not appear to have sustained any serious harm. More importantly, connect with a seasoned personal injury lawyer. This is someone who can help you understand your legal rights and who can assist you in making a full financial and physical recovery. You should always be sure to get this type of help after having been in a car crash.

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