DACA Facts That You Have To Know

This world can be such tough place to navigate. This is particularly true for people who find themselves faced with the urgency of going to a place they do not know, even when the place is where they are from. This happens because people do things to get their families somewhere that is supposed to have something better for them, and in doing so end up using methods that are unlawful. This happens to many people in many places. This is a situation peoples and governments are faced with. DACA will give the people a chance to get ready for exit or get themselves legal status.

Not all people from all places have a well paying job to support their families with. There are some who finds it difficult to make ends meet. Situations such as this pushes people to seek livelihood elsewhere. There are also difficult living conditions that one wishes to spare his family from. One man could have various reasons for wanting to be away from where he is now.

Some would take the road that gets them to places faster. They would even choose to take their families with them to spare them from a difficult, trying and dangerous life at home. This is the reason that there are people who does not know any place else but the country they are at, not even his home country. He would not know their culture, language and way of life but because of their illegal status, they will have to be forced home.

This does not have to happen right away. Deferred action is a policy that you can apply for so that you can postpone deportation. This does not grant any legal status but it does allow one to apply for employment authorization. The discretionary grant may be revoked any time.

Requirements have to be satisfied to apply for deferred action. Applicant has to be below 31 years old when the process was announced, arrived in the country before turning 16 and have continuously resided in the country for five years. The individual needs to have been in the country at the time of announcement and on making the petition for consideration.

He needs to be in school or have graduated or have earned his GED. He could also have been discharged honorably from services with the military. The applicant should not have any conviction and should not be a harm to the public.

There should be documentation to back such requirements. An application form and a worksheet needs to be completed and then you will be scheduled for biometrics. Both biometric and biographic background checks need to be passed.

People with a deferred case would not face removal for the next two years. A consideration for extension may be filed during this time period. This gives you the time to work at getting legal status or learning about the country you are going to. One has to have contingencies as the grant is but temporary and it could be revoked any time. You have to file for authorization the soonest time. You also have to be ready in case all these fail.

DACA gives you one opportunity. Take another once you accomplish this. Work for ways to stay afloat.

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