Find Out How To Apply For Canadian Residency And Become A Permanent Resident

Every year, Canada welcomes an average of two-hundred thousand immigrants from around the world, granting them permanent residence status. People interested in living and working in Canada first need to learn how to apply for Canadian residency and determine which of six categories best fit their circumstances before starting the process.

The “Skilled Worker Class” allows people to apply for permanent residence based on their age, work history, education, language abilities, and prospective employment. Each of these factors is evaluated and assigned an appropriate number of “points”, which will result in a score between 0 and 100, a minimum of 67 is required. Other criteria considered are if the applicant has a criminal history, and how closely his or her skill set matches current labor market demand.

If someone meets the criteria to be deemed an investor, entrepreneur, or self-employed, the “Business Class” category can be used. It will be necessary for them to provide evidence of having achieved reasonable success in their sector or investments, have a minimum net worth, and present a feasible business plan that is likely to produce jobs and make a notable contribution to Canada’s economy.

If aspiring residents have a preference for living in a particular province, they may be eligible for “Provincial Nomination”. The provincial immigration authorities will first review each application and nominate those they deem to be suitable candidates for settlement. This alone does not automatically imply approval for residency, but can help strengthen one’s application to the federal immigration department.

Immigrants who have close family members, a spouse, or common-law partner already residing in Canada as either a citizen or permanent resident are eligible to apply under the “Family Class” category. In this case, the family of the applicant agrees to act as his or her “sponsor” for the first few years, providing financial support, housing, etc. As needed until the person gets established.

People who wish to live in the province of Quebec will need to be approved through this province’s own unique admission criteria. It has an agreement with Canada’s federal government which allows it to only select those who fit their expectations for residence in the province. Applicants who closely match their preferred criteria will be deemed to be good potential residents of Quebec.

Canadian citizens and residents who intend to adopt a child from a foreign nation will take the adoption route to apply for his or her resident status. A fairly lengthy process in most cases, adoption calls for legal requirements to be met in both countries, and is subject to the Hague Convention laws, and provincial immigration authorities. Prospective parents must also be proven to suitably qualified guardians both as people and financially.

Once it is clear which category one must apply under, he or she can contact any Canadian embassy, consulate, or high commission in order to apply for the permanent resident visa. A form must be submitted along with the appropriate fee, a medical certificate, and criminal record check. Depending on the application category, other documentation may be required, and the applicant can also be requested to attend an interview.

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