Fixed Fee Divorce Packages Are Beneficial To Clients

Newly weds never see an end to their love story. Some love stories have a happy ending while others have a bitter or sour ending since they couples may have to separate as a result of certain reasons. The endings are sour because people suffer both emotionally and financially since separation involves legal fees and other incidental costs. Lawyers offering such services charge on a time cost basis such that they charge for every document handled, every call made consultation and any other attention they might offer to a case. This would be unaffordable to many people wanting to separate. Since many of these proceedings have a similar process from their inception to the end, some law firms have standardized some services and provide them as a package which clients can pay for. These are mostly those things that are mandatory in any separation case. These are called fixed fee divorce packages and may be of different classes depending on whether children are involved or not. Clients therefore pay for these services in bulk which involve anything that is ordinarily involved in such cases and can therefore obtain many benefits.

The overall expenditure on such cases when clients opt for these packages is significantly reduced. This is because they pay for the entire process which is inclusive of any document received or made, call made and consultation. Paying for such services separately would be too costly to any client who wants to minimize their expenditure during the process.

Some law firms offering such services have some counseling sessions for willing couples to ensure they understand the impact of such decisions on children if any and also to the couples individually. Free study guides on such topics are also issued to those who attend the sessions. They are therefore made to save marriage institutions from breakage.

A new will can be prepared with ease by attorneys in such law firms once the process is complete. This ensures there are no delays in updating the personal status of the client to reflect it in their will. Since preparing a will is time consuming and sometimes expensive due to the regular trips and consultations with a lawyer, taking advantage of such offers is therefore advisable.

Irrespective of the time taken to wind up a proceeding, the expenditures are already stated. This puts the client at the benefit since the lawyers are pushed to act accordingly and in a cost effective manner. For instance, if a client takes other packages, the lawyers charge for each letter drafted, each telephone call made and for each consultation thus being costly if the proceedings prolong.

In most law firms, clients pay a portion of the price of such packages before commencement of the separation process. The agreement is for the balance to be paid upon successful and satisfactory completion of the separation. Therefore, the lawyer must offer all services stated in the agreement before they can receive any further payment.

The package may also include preparation of various documents required to make everyone involved comfortable. Different scales of charges may be available for different categories of couples such as with children and without children. Among the documents prepared include parental responsibility agreements among others.

Since separation might be costly as a result of exorbitant legal fees people are advised to opt for fixed fee divorce which makes it possible for them to budget for the overall cost. Since different law firms include different services in their packages, people should consider comparing different packages. This presents a wide range of choices for people to choose thus settling for one that is most favorable.

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