Good Reasons To Hire An Experienced DUI Attorney Bartlett TN Residents Trust

In the past, drunk driving was not always taken seriously. A resident of Tennessee pulled over today for suspicion of driving under the influence can still refuse a breath test, but will be arrested. If that leads to a conviction, driving privileges will be revoked, fines and other financial penalties will be levied, and a two day jail sentence handed down. A DUI attorney Bartlett TN residents have learned to trust helps avoid these and other associated legal pitfalls.

The trauma of an arrest causes some to simply give up, preferring to simply admit guilt and face the consequences. While that may relieve some of the emotional pressure, once a plea has been entered there is little chance that charges will be dropped. Hiring an attorney familiar with the intricacies of DUI offenses creates a far better chance of winning, especially when there is no previous arrest record.

Conviction carries unpleasant long-term consequences. Individual drives may be required to personally pay for installing ignition bypass technology in their own cars in an effort to prevent starting while drunk. Even in cases where victims have no addiction to alcohol, managed drug treatment may still be required. Any damages that resulted must be paid for out of pocket, and community service is often mandatory.

Even when facing stiff penalties, some people question the wisdom of paying a lawyer for representation when they freely admit guilt. The reality is that each case has different variables, and legal experts are trained to evaluate each one individually. A recidivist drunk-driver faces greater penalties than a first offender who caused no accident. Self-representation in court is rarely advisable, even in seemingly cut-and-dried cases.

Choosing the attorney right for this situation is important, even when a family lawyer already exists. An expert in handling living trusts may not be as competent handling a drunk driving arrest as a representative who is familiar with checkpoint legalities or sobriety testing. Someone who deals with these issues daily is also aware of the procedures that can lead to lesser penalties.

These include alcohol abuse counseling and drug diversion programs. Sentences are sometimes dismissed or reduced upon successful completion. If a case does go to trial, an experienced representative will have already worked with local officials, including the involved officers, the prosecutors who may be inclined to accept a plea bargain, and the presiding judge.

Prior to finalizing a choice, ask the prospective hire how many similar cases he or she has won, and how they accomplished that goal. It is important to specifically find out whether or not the lawyer expects all public records of the arrest to be expunged, and whether these kinds of cases form a significant part of regular practice. If they answers do not create confidence, interview a second candidate.

Without competent legal aid, long-term consequences can include difficulty being hired in a new job, or being blocked from promotion in the old. There may be issues surrounding credit, and insurance rates soar. The cost of hiring a well-respected attorney who specializes in this field can be significant, but pale in comparison to the long-term damage that can occur without representation.

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